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Tri-state Megabucks Plus Results

$ 1,250,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Megabucks Plus
Next Draw
Sep 18th
Numbers Drawn On September 15th
19 22 32 37 38 2
Numbers Drawn On September 11th
14 16 20 37 41 5
Numbers Drawn On September 8th
18 21 22 30 32 5
Numbers Drawn On September 4th
4 25 34 35 38 4
Numbers Drawn On September 1st
3 7 19 36 41 6

Tri-state Megabucks Plus

The Tri-state Megabucks Plus lottery is a draw game played in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The three states formed a compact in 1985 to create the United States' first multi-state lottery. The game's name was changed in 2009 to add the word "Plus" as well as raising the jackpot seed to one-million dollars ($1,000,000) and the second place prize from ten-thousand ($10,000) to thirty-thousand dollars ($30,000). While the game's proper name is Megabucks Plus, only Maine refers to it that way and it is simply known as Megabucks or the Tristate Megabuck in the other two states.

The game is drawn twice each week on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:59 pm, nine minutes after tickets sales stop. Tickets cost two-dollars ($2) per play. All three states allow subscription play. Vermont requires that a printed signed form be mailed to the lottery office in order to subscribe to multiple drawings. Maine and New Hampshire allow you to mark boxes on a single ticket for up to 20 draws.

How to Play Tri-state Megabucks Plus

The jackpot is awarded for matching five (5/5) main numbers plus the Megaball number. The five main numbers are drawn from a pool of forty-one numbers (5/41) and the Megaball is drawn from a pool of six (1/6). Each play slip offers up to five plays for the next drawing. Choose the numbers yourself or let the lottery computer select random numbers for you by checking the Quick Pick (QP) box next to for any or all of the five game panels.

While a single game costs $2 and five games for the same draw date will cost $10, you can also choose to play the same number in up to 20 consecutive draws by marking the number of replays you want in the Multi-Draw column. The most you can spend on a single play slip is $100 so it is not possible to play all five panels for the maximum number of draws.

How to Win Tri-state Megabucks Plus

There are nine (9) winning combinations and nine prize divisions. The top prize is a rolling jackpot, so whenever the winning numbers aren't picked, the prize will increase before the next draw. All other prizes are fixed amounts ranging from two-dollars ($2) to thirty-thousand dollars ($30,000).

The jackpot is won by matching 5 of 5 (5/5) plus the Megaball (1/1). The odds are 1:4,496,388.
Match 5 of 5 (5/5) to win the second place prize of $30,000. The odds are 1:899,278.
Match 4 of 5 (4/5) plus the Megaball (1/1) to win $13,000 at odds of 1:24,980.
Match 4 of 5 (4/5) to win a prize of $150 at odds of 1:4,996.
Match of 3 of 5 (3/5) plus the Megaball (1/1) to win $25. The odds are 1:714.
Match of 3 of 5 (3/5) to win $7. The odds are 1:143.
Match of 2 of 5 (2/5) plus the Megaball (1/1) to win $5. The odds are 1:63.
Match of 2 of 5 (2/5) to win $2. The odds are 1:13.
Match of 1 of 5 (1/5) plus the Megaball (1/1) to win $2. The odds of winning this combination are 1:15.

The overall odds of winning any prize are about 1:6

Where Can I Find Out if I won?

In Vermont you can check with any sales agent following the draw, or by calling 1-800-322-8800 (VT only) or 1-802-479-5686 or visit the Vermont Lottery website.

In New Hampshire, the results are posted on the New Hampshire Lottery website and are available at more than 1,250 retail locations after the draw. Local newspaper, radio, and TV stations also announce the numbers.

In Maine, you can visit a retailer, check the Maine Lottery website, or watch the drawing here.

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