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Mega Millions Results

$ 226,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Mega Millions
Next Draw
Jul 16th
Numbers Drawn On July 12th
15 35 48 53 68 8
Numbers Drawn On July 9th
21 26 54 60 64 3
Numbers Drawn On July 5th
6 15 32 54 67 4
Numbers Drawn On July 2nd
4 8 19 31 45 11
Numbers Drawn On June 28th
28 31 33 42 66 24

Multi-State Mega Millions Lottery

One of the two multi-state, nearly national, lotteries in the U.S.A., the Mega Millions starts with a base jackpot of forty million and a percentage of all tickets sold contributes to a progressive increase each week it is not hit. If forty million is not, "Mega," enough for you, keep in mind that this game's jackpot has reached a billion before.

Basic information on the Mega Millions Lotto: you must be of age (at least 18 yrs.) lottery players across the country can play Mega-Millions, a multi-state, mega-jackpot lottery game that can be played in twelve (12) different states. Mega-Millions can be played in California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. The Mega-Millions jackpot that starts at twelve million dollars, ($12 million) and continues to grow until someone wins. Mega-Millions is easy to play.

How Do I Play Mega Millions Lottery?

Mega-Millions lottery players must choose a total of six (6) numbers; five (5) from one to fifty-six (1-56) and one (1) MEGA number from one to forty-six (1-46). If a player matches all five (5) of the numbers drawn as well as the MEGA number, they win the jackpot. Mega-Millions tickets are one dollar ($1) per play.

How To Win Cash Prizes

When playing Mega Millions lotto, there are nine (9) different ways to win. Players can win cash prizes starting at two dollars ($2) and a jackpot prize of at least twelve million dollars ($12 million). Cash prize totals depend on the number of players and the number of winners in a drawing.

The odds are one in one hundred seventy-five million, seven hundred eleven thousand, five hundred and thirty-six, (1:175,711,536), that a player will hit The Mega-Millions Jackpot. To win the jackpot, players must match all five (5) numbers as well as the MEGA number.

Players can still win cash prizes by matching only all five (5) of the first numbers. The odds of matching all five (5) numbers are one in three million, nine hundred and four thousand, seven hundred and one (1:3,904,701). The odds of matching four (4) of the first five (5) numbers and the MEGA number are one in six hundred eighty-nine thousand, sixty-five (1:689,065). A players odds of only matching four (4) of the first five (5) numbers are one in fifteen thousand, three hundred and thirteen (1:15,313). The odds of matching three (3) of the first five (5) numbers as well as the MEGA number are one in thirteen thousand, seven hundred and eighty-one (1:13,781). The odds of a Mega-Millions Lottery player matching only three (3) of the first numbers are one in three hundred and six (1:306).

The final three ways of winning a cash prize in Mega-Millions requires that the player match the MEGA number. The odds of matching any two (2) of the first five (5) numbers drawn and the MEGA number are one in eight hundred and forty-four (1:844). The odds of only matching one (1) of the first numbers drawn and the MEGA number are one in one hundred and forty-one (1:141). The odds of only matching the MEGA number are one in seventy-five (1:75).

A Mega-Millions players’ overall odds of winning are one in thirty-nine-point-eight-nine (1:38.89).

Mega Millions Lottery Advanced Play

Players may choose to play their favorite numbers in future drawings by selecting Advanced Play. Players will then have the option of playing for two (2), three (3), four (4), five (5), six (6), seven (7), eight (8), sixteen (16) or twenty (20) consecutive draws by marking the appropriate box/boxes.

Mega-Millions winning numbers are drawn every Tuesday and Friday evenings.

Mega-Millions Jackpot winners have the option of either one lump sum cash payment or twenty-six (26) annual payments. Winners have sixty (60) days from the Lottery’s payment approval date to choose the lump sum payment.

As always, please remember to play the lottery responsibly.

For additional information regarding the multi-state Mega Millions lottery, be sure to visit the official homepage located on the web at

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