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Wisconsin - Megabucks Results

$ 5,200,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
Oct 23rd
Numbers Drawn On October 20th
9 21 27 29 39 45
Numbers Drawn On October 16th
12 14 20 21 32 48
Numbers Drawn On October 13th
1 13 17 22 34 43
Numbers Drawn On October 9th
9 14 16 23 26 37
Numbers Drawn On October 6th
5 7 11 14 17 44

Wisconsin's Megabucks With EZ Match

Wisconsin's Megabucks is a "Pick 6" lottery draw game held twice each week. The game was formerly known as "Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks". Lottery customers get two plays for one-dollar ($1) and also have the option of buying EZ Match numbers for an additional $1 per ticket. Megabucks prizes range from two-dollars ($2) to the jackpot, which is always at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) if you choose the annuity of twenty-five (25) yearly payments. If no players match all six numbers the jackpot will roll over, and increase for the next draw. The amount the jackpot increases is based on the number of tickets sold. The bigger it gets, the faster it grows as excitement builds and ticket sales increase.

Nearly fifty-four percent (53.5%) of Megabucks sales are returned to players in prizes over time. EZ Match returns about sixty-three percent (63.1%) to players. You can play Megabucks alone or add EZ Match for a chance to win any or all five additional prizes instantly.

Proceeds from the Wisconsin Lottery go toward property tax relief for state residents. You need to be at least 18 years of age to play any lottery games or to redeem winning tickets.

How to Play Wisconsin's Megabucks With EZ Match

Please buy lottery tickets wisely as they cannot be canceled and no refunds are available after purchase. Pick six (6) numbers from one to forty-nine (1-49) for each of the two panels on your $1 play slip. You can choose the numbers yourself by marking them with a blue or black pen or let the lottery computer choose your numbers for you by marking the Quick Pick (QP) box on your slip. Tickets are available at any retailer with a terminal who displays the Wisconsin Lottery sign.

To play the optional EZ Match game simply mark the box or ask the retailer to include it with your Quick Pick. EZ Match is not available for play on its own, you must buy a Megabucks ticket to play. When you select EZ Match, five prize amounts and numbers will be printed on your Megabucks ticket. If any or all EZ Match numbers match the numbers you picked, win the prize associated with that number. Numbers and prizes are generated randomly. There are seven (7) prize categories ranging from $1 to $250. Five numbers and prizes will appear on your ticket. Each match is a winner so you can instantly win up to five separate prizes.

Drawings occur as soon as possible after the end of ticket sales each Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets need to be purchased before 9:00 pm on the day of the drawing.

How to Win Wisconsin's Megabucks

In order to win or share in the jackpot, you will need to match all six (6/6) of your chosen numbers to the six numbers drawn from a pool of forty-nine (1-49). The odds of winning the jackpot, based on two plays per $1 ticket are 1:6,991,908. If more than one ticket holds the winning numbers the prize will be divided evenly among all winners. If nobody matches all six (6/6) the jackpot will roll over into the next drawing.

Match five out of six (5/6) to win five-hundred dollars ($500). The odds of this are 1:27,101.
When four out of six (4/6) of your chosen numbers match the drawn numbers you will win thirty-dollars ($30) and you have 1:517 odds to make this combination.
Three out of six (3/6) pays two-dollars with odds of 1:29.

Where Can I Learn More about Wisconsin's Megabucks?

To find out more about any of the state's games, please visit the Wisconsin Lottery's online FAQ

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