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Cyber Housewives: Watch Out, She bites!

Seema Shah 08:27 Apr 19th, 2006 Poker

It’s hard to recognise the demure lady on the street as an internet gambling demon but the world of online gaming is fast becoming a place where women can enjoy a game of poker free of guilt or tinged by the stereotypical associations of what is deemed to be a man’s game. As women become more financially and personally independent, they are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they cope with the airs and graces of society but they are also becoming one of the fastest rising online gaming demographic, and doing quite well thank you very much!

The amount of time spent by women online is increasing as more women use the internet to work and play from the comfort of their own homes. Companies are continually liberalising the workplace to make it easier for women to have children and work without the need to be in the office all the time.

It is the total experience that the freedom of the internet provides and coupled with the change in working perceptions more women have taken up online gambling as it still provides a complete experience. It’s simple, ask a woman about a trip to the casino and she will tell you about the shows, the shopping, the atmosphere, the food and drink in the casino itself, and oh whether she lost or won some money. Ask a man about a trip to the casino and he’ll tell you about the gambling and the money he won or loss. Women see gambling more than just betting money on a game or dropping coins in a slot machine; it’s a holistic experience that embodies all the senses.

Current observations reveal a growth in women taking up poker online, with studies showing that like their bricks and mortar sisters, women enjoy the “social” interaction of internet poker and the need for to escape the grind of daily life without spending a fortune for that experience!

Online gambling has allowed more women to become adventurous in the risks they take. The online arena facilitates their inner growl, letting women live each gambling moment as a lion rather than a lamb; the demure, prim and proper appearance of a Bree Van De Kamp, no longer applies when gambling online. Women can therefore pretty much hold their own. Even when playing against men, they are not afraid of men excluding or patronising the so called “weaker sex”. Not only that but the convenience of having entertainment provided in the safe confines of their own home means that women with children no longer have to worry about hiring a nanny for the evening. They can play when it suits them night or day without ‘risking’ the need to stop their winning streak.

Today, the number of online casinos catering for women is staggering. With each site offering a wide variety of games and gambling opportunities, internet poker offers women the opportunity to play the games in a non-threatening environment without having to deal with overbearing male egos. The lack of females frequenting offline bookmakers and to an extent some men who are too nervous to visit those dens of vice are prime examples of how the internet has broken down this barrier. It’s refreshing to see that women who gamble online can now firmly take off the mask played in the real world, let their inhibitions go and be the deadly wild card once thought of as the underdog.