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Seema Shah

Seema Shah is a media consultant and analyst. A keen observer of social and cultural trends, she generally writes about the affects of media on gaming. Also find articles about celebrity gambling & high rollers in the casinos. Please read her interesting and informative gambling articles now.

The New Players of Internet Poker

Apr 25, 2006 Poker
In delving into the world of internet poker, women its been discovered are fast becoming the ones to watch out for. The increase in women’s disposable income is now becoming...

Cyber Housewives: Watch Out, She bites!

Apr 19, 2006 Poker
It’s hard to recognise the demure lady on the street as an internet gambling demon but the world of online gaming is fast becoming a place where women can enjoy a game of...

Hollywood’s fascination with Celebrity High Rollers by Seema Shah

Apr 10, 2006 Poker
The elusive world of poker has come a long way from its seedy roots of shady, Mafioso-type characters playing no limit holdem’s in dingy, underground gambling dens. Today,...

Pimped Out Poker: Bling out the High Rollers by Seema Shah

Apr 10, 2006 Poker
With the global domination of Poker, it seems that everyone is getting in on the act. From movie stars to musicians, poker is increasingly filtering into everyday life. The ever...

Poker Pros are the New Media Darlings and Endorsers of Brands

Apr 10, 2006 Poker
It was not so long ago that most members of the public would shun the legitimacy of the poker player who treated a game of cards as a “profession”. It wasn’t...