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Throw the Dice Like an Expert

Larry Edell 03:21 Apr 14th, 2006 Craps

In order to perfect your throw, you should establish yourself at the same table position whenever you play. There are two positions that will reduce the length of your throw to an absolute minimum - just to the left of the stickman or just to the right of the stickman. You should try both positions and choose the one that works the best for you.

After the dice have been set and you are gripping them properly, you should visualize the throw in your mind. See the dice leaving your hands, traveling together in a straight line without wobbling, and landing around the pass line. Then they bounce together, lightly glance off the backboard, and end up showing your desired results. This visualization is very important so take the second or two it requires before you actually toss the dice.

When they are tossed, they should be at an angle to minimize any energy gathered during their descent. Try to toss them low, not more than a 45 degree angle from the table. When they leave your hands they should match your visualization perfectly, and you should be seeing what happens now a second time, just as you did in your mind.

The dice will leave your hand at the same time, without wobbling or changing course. They should fly through the air together, side by side, spinning forward as they move. They should bounce once around the pass line and, still spinning, glance lightly off the backboard and come to rest without bouncing or hitting any chips.

If there are chips present on the passline, politely ask the bettors to move them to the side. They usually will, as they want to make money on your roll as much as you do.

Your throw will achieve more consistent results if you put your whole body into it, rather than just your wrist and arm. Shooting dice is very much like playing golf - you need to have your entire body participate in the experience. When the dice leave your hand, your hip and upper body is contributing to the velocity of the dice, not just your arm. Your body should move with the dice as they are released.

After the dice are set and gripped, just turn toward the stickman and imagine your throw and its result. Bend your fingers on the dice back a bit to increase their spin, and then turn your body in front of and past the stickman to release them.

After a little practice, this will become one fluid motion, and should become almost second nature to you after you’ve done it a few times.

Here is a trick that may work for you. When you shoot, imagine a cereal bowl sitting on the passline. It is your job to toss the dice so they land in the cereal bowl. For some people it is easier to imagine this happening than it is aiming for the pass line.

When you are distracted at the table, you need to block out everything that does not contribute to your efficient throwing. You need to focus all of your energies towards obtaining the results you want from the dice in your hand. The easiest way to do this is to let your subconscious mind take over and “Go Away” from the table.

To do this you need a calming spot. This is place to go on a temporary vacation. Pick a favorite spot - the perfect beach, a beautiful mountaintop, or perhaps even an undersea grotto. This is a place for you to relax and leave the cares and worries of the world behind. To accomplish this, you must see your calming place out of your eyes.

You must not see your body in a beach chair. You must see, out of your eyes, all the things around you, and feel the sun upon you, and the gentle breezes blowing.
You can practice this all at home, of course. And when you do, have a trigger point so you can easily retreat to your calming spot. You can touch a certain spot on your arm, for example, or you can recite a certain phrase, or whistle a tune. When your calming spot is triggered, you should be able to retreat there instantly, and let its sights, smells and sounds take over in your mind.

When you are about to shoot at the craps table, perform your trigger and go away. Your subconscious mind will take over and remember how to set, grip and throw the dice. You will not worry about the hassles or anything else. When you finally do seven out, you will most probably be awakened by the sound of applause, and you will leave your calming spot and be relaxed and invigorated - and have lots more chips than you did before!