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Larry Edell

Larry Edell has been the editor of The Crapshooter Newsletter since 1994. Larry Edell, one of the top craps, casino, gambling experts in the country has published nine books and over two hundred different articles in magazines such as Casino Player, Gaming Today, Mid West Players and Gambling Times.

Craps: Secrets of Fours and Tens

Nov 23, 2006 Craps
Pssst...! Wanna know a secret? How about the secret of the 4's and 10s? Most place bettors seem confident that the best place bet is the 6 or 8. This bet pays 7:6, that is when...

Horn Bet Secrets

Sep 16, 2006 Craps
One of the most popular bets on the craps table is "any craps," which is a one-roll bet on the 2, 3 and 12. The theory goes that if you have, say $10 on the pass line, you can...

The Secret of the Two Level Doey Don't

Aug 23, 2006 Craps
Pssst...! Wanna know a secret? How about the secret of the Two Level Doey Don't System? Sometimes you will end up on a choppy table, and even with charting or qualifying, it stays...

Craps Secrets of the Ponzer and Advanced Ponzer Systems

Jul 19, 2006 Craps
Pssst...! Wanna know a secret? How about the secrets of the Ponzer systems? Now, if you buy these two methods from a mail order dealer you will probably be disappointed because...

Winning Tips

Jun 17, 2006 Online Gambling
There are three aspects relating to table play that, when used properly, will increase your winnings substantially. You’ve probably heard of these three...

How YOU Can Grip the Dice Like an Expert.

May 30, 2006 Craps
There are actually three parts to controlling the dice – Setting, gripping and throwing. This article will explore the best ways to grip the dice after you’ve set...

Throw the Dice Like an Expert

Apr 14, 2006 Craps
In order to perfect your throw, you should establish yourself at the same table position whenever you play. There are two positions that will reduce the length of your throw to an...

Craps: Pre-Set the Dice

Mar 15, 2006 Craps
Imagine the two dice are rotating on a horizontal axis at the same time. If they stay straight and continue rotating, the numbers on the right and left sides of each die will...

Craps: Minimize Your Losses / Maximize Your Comps

Feb 26, 2006 Craps
If you play in casino, you probably know about comps. If you play craps, you probably know that your game affords the casino a very small advantage - only about 1% on some bets....