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Mark Pilarski

The author of two published books on casino tips and award winning double cassette tapes "Hooked on Winning" and nationally syndicated gaming column "Deal Me In" - read the current "Deal Me In" column article at WCD now.

Single Deck BlackJack vs. Double Deck and four deck and eight deck.

Nov 23, 2006 Blackjack
Dear Mark: I have a question for you regarding blackjack odds. Can you tell me the house edge in each of the following types of blackjack games – single deck versus...

2 Caribbean Stud Royal Flushses

Nov 23, 2006
Dear Mark: What would happen if two players both made the progressive side bet in Caribbean Stud, and both get a Royal Flush? Is the pot split down the middle? I asked a dealer...

Cheating at cards

Sep 01, 2006
Those highly skilled lowlifes and how to spot ‘em Dear Mark, Regarding cheating at casinos and cards, what is a mechanic? Anonymous Dear Anonymous; Regarding the postcard...

Proposition Bets

Jun 24, 2006 Craps
No Straw into Gold on these Wagers Dear Mark, I am interested in the following proposition bets that were getting a lot of play the last time I was on a crap table: Bets like...

Playing Games With Superstitions

Mar 11, 2006 Games
Shooting Craps Dear Mark,When I shoot craps, I have the feeling that a hot roll will always be stopped by a change in the dealers, someone touching the dice, someone crowding the...