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Colorado Bingo History and Fun Facts

The history of Bingo in Colorado was first documented as Pastor Charles H. Hagus launched a bingo game to support and raise funds for their church, called The Annunciation, in northeast Denver. The church had undergone decades of funding issues, forced to offer Catholic schooling in a decrepit, abandoned schoolhouse they had leased for $50/month.

When Colorado passed a law to legalize charity Bingo in 1950, Hagus immediately started up Bingo Night, where players from the community gathered at the old Greek Orthodox Church on Lafayette street.

His idea was so successful that the Annunciation was able to purchase the old Greek Orthodox Church and move their organization to the new building, which was renamed Hagus Hall.

Assistant pastor Charles B. Woodrich, a former advertising specialist in New York City, brought further success to the Hagus Hall Bingo games. Knowing the quality and overall excitement of the game would have everything to do with the fruition of the venture, he went on a trip to Las Vegas. In an interview, Father Woodrich stated that his intention was ""to learn how to professionally stage bingo extravaganzas."

Unfortunately, this historic landmark in Colorado's Bingo history no longer exists. Hagus Hall was demolished in 1986 to make way for local HUD townhomes.

Colorado Bingo - Fun Bingo Facts
Everyone knows (or should know) the basic, historical facts of Bingo. The fun bingo facts listed below, associated with modern day and history of Bingo in Colorado, are interesting tid-bits you probably didn't know:

1. 10% of women love to play Bingo.

2. 5% of men love to play Bingo.

3. 7.5% of the entire population loves to play Bingo (as you may have surmised from Bingo fun-fact 1 and 2 ;)

4. Approximately 30% of all bingo players are under 35 years of age.

4. The average game of Bingo lasts 3 to 6 minutes.

5. Winning claim verification averages 30 seconds.

6. Professional Bingo callers average 23 numbers per minute.

7. Famous celebrities love playing Bingo! Some of the more notable celebrities who love a good game of Bingo include Kelly Ripa (Live with Regis and Kelly), Sharon Osbourne (wife of Ozzy's Osbourne), Bono (lead singer of U2) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Academy Award winning actress).

8. Human Bingo is a popular social game used to introduce people in a group setting, also used in many schools at the start of the school year to help children get to know one another.

9. Between 1911 and 2007, 42 movies have been produced with the word 'Bingo' in the title, 10 of which were simply named 'Bingo'.

10. The first film with Bingo in the title, The Bully of Bingo Gulch [1911], was based in Colorado.

11. Famous playwright and actress June Carryl (born June Lemona), star of the 1999 film 'King of the Bingo Game', grew up in Denver Colorado.

12. There are more than 60 official Bingo Halls in the state of Colorado.

13. Bingo is the main source of 'community fundraising' in North America.

14. There are 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible bingo card combinations, according to one calculation, (which may or may not be correct - I'm certainly not going to take the time to find out!) That translates to: "five hundred fifty-two septillion, four hundred forty-six sextillion, four hundred seventy-four quintillion, sixty-one quadrillion, one hundred twenty-eight trillion, six hundred forty-eight billion, six hundred one million, six hundred thousand" different bingo cards.