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Vikinglotto Results

€ 3,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
Jun 1st
Numbers Drawn On May 25th
9 11 15 21 31 40 4
Numbers Drawn On May 18th
5 9 24 34 45 47 5
Numbers Drawn On May 11th
13 24 27 28 37 47 4
Numbers Drawn On May 4th
6 9 19 24 27 35 3
Numbers Drawn On April 27th
14 31 32 34 37 42 5


Vikinglotto is a multi-national lottery game known by different names and awarding different prizes in different countries. One thing they all have in common, save Sweden, is that all ticket sales feed the jackpot. It was the first European lottery of its kind when it debuted in 1993. Although the jackpot is common, lower tier prizes are decided nationally and administered and decided locally in member countries. The numbers are drawn every Wednesday by Norsk Tipping in Hamar, Norway.

Member countries are Denmark where it is known as the Wednesday Lotto (Onsdags Lotto), Estonia, Finland, Iceland (Víkingalottó), Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, and Sweden. The game is played from two draw pools. There are forty-eight main numbers (1-48, and eight (1-8) supplemental "Viking" numbers. The top prize is paid for matching six main numbers (6/6) plus one Viking number (1/1). The odds of winning the jackpot are about one in 98 million (1:98,172,096).

As the game is administered by member countries the formula and odds are slightly different in some countries. Sweden chose to not add the Viking number to their game when all of the other countries did in 2004. The variance in awarding prizes for combinations less then six-plus-one (6+1) differentiate the Vikinglotto from other multinational European lotteries like EuroMillions which offers the same prize tiers and odds for all prize divisions no matter where the game is played. Each Vikinglotto member country also decides where their profits will go with Finland seeming to favor youth activities, science, and the arts, while Denmark primarily funds non-profits and sporting organizations.

How To Play Vikinglotto

As each member country operates autonomously in regard to the local law, players in Finland may not have the same options as those playing in Latvia. People all over the world can play online by purchasing tickets through a lottery concierge or messenger service.

No matter how or where you play you will choose six numbers from a range of 1-48 along with the supplemental Viking number from a range of 1-8. Matching all six (6) main numbers plus the Viking number will award Vikinglotto jackpot. The only exception is Sweden where the supplemental number is used to determine second prize only. More on that distinction to follow.

Numbers for the game are drawn at 19:00 GMT and will appear on this page the same day. Lucky players in Scandinavia can also tune into their local or regional television channels to view the results.

How To Win Cash Prizes

Everyone who plays has a chance to win the jackpot by matching six numbers plus the Viking Number, except in Sweden where the Viking number is used as a bonus number to determine the second prize. The grand jackpot cannot be won in Sweden as the top prize there is simply awarded for matching six (6/6) numbers; second for five (5/6) plus the bonus number (1-8); third for matching five (5/6) without the bonus; fourth for four (4/6), and fifth for matching three (3/6).

In Latvia there are eight (8) prize divisions with the jackpot going to 6/6+ Viking; second place prize for 6/6 with no Viking match, and so on following the same pattern with the 8th division prize awarded for simply matching three (3) numbers with no supplemental match.

In Norway, Denmark, and many other countries there are six divisions including the jackpot with prizes awarded for the following combinations: 6+1, 6+0, 5+1, 5+0, 4, and 3.

With so many people playing in so many different countries the jackpot can grow quickly, it can also be won before it reaches astronomical proportions. When more than one ticket holds the jackpot combination, all ticket holders with 6+1 share in the jackpot prize.

How Much Can I win?

A first prize pool of at least 3 million euros is guaranteed, but the jackpot will grow every week based on sales prior to the drawing until it hits the premium number of 35 million euros. No matter how long it takes for the winning combination to be matched you can never win more than 35 million euros. After the jackpot hits the €35m cap, the excess prize volume is funneled into the second prize pool, making Vikinglotto a double-jackpot game!

To learn more about the Vikinglotto, please visit the official lottery website for your country of residence, or see Norsk Tipping's Vikinglotto page.

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