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Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for New Zealand : Saturday Jul 02nd, 2022

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About the New Zealand Lottery

With the 20th Anniversary/Birthday of the New Zealand Lottery recently behind us, this seemed an appropriate time to present a guide to playing the New Zealand Lottery. Offering a variety of Lottery games to choose from, the New Zealand Lottery has paid out more than $3.68-billion to more than 62.4-million winners since it's beginning on August 1, 1987.

New Zealand Lottery offers many ways to play, including the traditional Lotto, Power Ball and Strike games, Big Wednesday Lotto awarding luxury prizes, Keno played twice daily, and Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards.

The most popular game by far is New Zealand's classic Lotto game, worth $1,000,000. Played every Saturday, participants can choose their favorite 6 numbers from 1 to 40, or take the 'Lucky Dip', letting the computer choose numbers for them. Each line of numbers cost 60 cents to play with a minimum of 4 lines ($2.40). The massive popularity of the games is attributed to player's second chance to win, even if their numbers don't come up Saturday night. The 'Lotto's Winning Wheel' offers every ticket another chance at winning a million in cash.

Each Lotto ticket has a serial number printed on the back. The Winning Wheel player is selected by drawing a serial number, with the matching ticket being the winner. The player holding the ticket will appear on the Winning Wheel Lotto game to spin the wheel, guaranteed to take home 1 of 30 prizes, the highest being $1,000,000 cash. If the player is unable or does not wish to appear on the live tv show, they may either elect someone to appear in their place, or choose to take $25,000 cash instead. On special occasions, the New Zealand Lottery will draw more than one serial number, awarding prizes to additional Winning Wheel participants.

In addition to the classic Lotto game, players can choose to play the Lotto Power Ball. This exciting variation adds an extra number, between 1 and 8, called the Power Ball. If a winning ticket matches the Power Ball number on the same line as the winning numbers, the player will win not only the Lotto prize, but the Power Ball prize as well.

A third variation of the classic Lotto game, called Strike, allows players to pick 4 numbers. If the 4 chosen numbers are the first 4 drawn, in the exact order they are drawn, the ticket will win the Strike prize.

The New Zealand Lottery's Big Wednesday game puts enormous luxury prizes and huge cash prizes up for grabs every Wednesday. If the Big Wednesday prize isn't won, it will rollover to the next week, creating and even larger jackpot. Prizes include up to $2 million in cash and 2 luxury cars every week. Players can win a Rayglass Legend 2500 speed boat, first class travel packages worth up to $250,000, an American Express Platinum Card pre-loaded with $250,000, an Audi Q7, a$750,000 luxury apartment and much more. To play, participants choose 6 numbers and either Heads or Tails, or ask your lotto retailer for a Big Wednesday Dip, allowing the computer to randomly select for you. Each line played costs $1 with a minimum of 4 lines purchased, totaling at least $4.

In addition, players may choose to select both Heads and Tails for any line of numbers, resulting in an additional $1 for the line. An Easy Dip ticket can also be played with the computer selecting 6 numbers out of 45, but the player chooses either Heads, Tails or a Heads and Tails combination. Players may also select a Multi-Draw ticket, where the player (or computer) chooses the same numbers to be played for the duration of two, three, four, five or ten consecutive drawings.

The Big Wednesday Lotto also presents a Second Chance Draw every week. Each Big Wednesday Ticket sold contains a serial number on the back of the ticket. The Second Chance Draw will reveal one serial number and a Heads or Tails. If the winning Second Chance ticket matches Heads or Tails, the player wins the Big Wednesday prize, for example a new car. If the Heads or Tails does not match, the player will still win a large cash prize, such as $25,000.

Another game offered b the New Zealand Lottery is Keno. Players choose up to 10 numbers from 1 through 80. The Keno Dip allows the computer to randomly select 10 numbers. Players may choose the amount they wish to play for ($1 minimum), and may also choose how many drawings the ticket will be good for. For example, a player may choose to run the ticket for 6 drawings at $1, totaling $6, or they may choose to run it for 10 plays at $2 per play, totaling $20.

Keno drawings are held twice daily, once at 1pm and again at 6pm. If a player selects only 1 number and hits, they are awarded $2 (cost of ticket $1). The prize amount scales up from there to the maximum prize of $250,000 for selecting 10 winning numbers.

Last is the Instant Kiwi Lotto Game, played with instant win scratch cards. The New Zealand Lottery currently offers 12 variations of Instant Kiwi scratch cards with prizes ranging from $1 to $10. These include:

  • $1 Kiwi Treasures Flax - Top Prize $10,000
  • $1 Moolah - Top Prize $10,000
  • $2 Money Spinner - Top Prize $25,000
  • $2 Paper Rock Scissors - Top Prize $25,000
  • $3 Crossword Coffee - Top Prize $50,000
  • $3 Red Hot Dice - Top Prize $50,000
  • $3 Fish And Chips - Top Prize $50,000
  • $3 Detective Dollars - Top Prize $50,000
  • $5 Jumbo Crossword Waters - Top Prize $100,000
  • $5 $100,000 Vault - Top Prize $100,000
  • $6 Set For Life - Top Prize $50,000/year for 10 years
  • $10 Casino Grand - Top Prize $250,000

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