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Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald has been in the gaming industry since 1978. Since 1999, Mr MacDonald has also been co-moderator of the University of Nevada, Reno’s annual EDP. EDP is recognized as the foremost educational opportunity in the gaming industry for senior level executives and continues to stimulate interest from around the world.

The Wheel Deal

Feb 21, 2006 Games
Does it bother you that a significant part of the casino business is in decline and could take the careers of many executives down with it? Me too. A once-dominant aspect of a...

Cash Back

Feb 21, 2006 Bonuses
The Costs and Benefits of providing players Cash Back through Slot Programs Many Slot Clubs today provide cash back to their players based either on a percentage of turnover or...

Significant trends in Australian Gaming

Feb 21, 2006 Australia
Over the past several years many changes have occurred within the Australian gaming markets. A brief history to bring you up to date on the size and nature of the markets may be...

The Marketing Function: An Operator's View

Feb 21, 2006 Bonuses
An Operator's view Casino marketing in the next millennium will require the function to be raised to the second power. Rather than the traditional 4 P's of marketing, product,...

Table Rewards: Designing a Loyalty Program - part I

Feb 21, 2006 Games
Recently I had the opportunity to build a table game loyalty program called Table Rewards. The basic idea behind any casino loyalty program is to make players feel good about...

Casino Player Rating Systems

Feb 21, 2006 Games
Casino Player Rating Systems. by Andrew MacDonald Casino Player Rating Systems. From evolution to revolution. Years ago Casino Managers decided that they could stimulate play by...

Table Games emerges from the ashes!

Feb 21, 2006 Games
The Empire Strikes Back. Table Games emerges from the ashes! Has it ever bothered you that a significant part of the casino business is in decline? Worried about being a dinosaur...

Table Games: Achieving double digit growth in a mature market?

Feb 21, 2006 Games
For the first time in longer than I’d like to remember I have had the pleasure of managing a table game operation that is experiencing strong double-digit growth. Not by any...

Dealing with High Rollers

Feb 21, 2006 Games
A roller coaster ride? How often in the last few years have we heard of a gaming company blaming lower than expected table game hold for its poor quarter or half year result?The...

New Table Games: Do we often kill what we try to create?

Feb 21, 2006 Games
Introducing new table games onto the casino floor is one of the most perplexing tasks for any casino manager. Unless the game is well proven elsewhere, or there exists pent up...