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The Perfect Game

Geno Lawrenzi 09:37 Jul 23rd, 2020 Poker

(Finding the perfect poker game is a challenge you should relish

accepting. Give it your best effort always.)

Poker players are always searching for the perfect game. Perfect, of course, means the one they can win at consistently.

I have played in a number of games that have been anything but perfect and they have cost me a lot of money

You find some tables where all the players have a macho attitude. This is the game where the players seem to have no regard for money and they put in the maximum number of raises on almost every hand. They are very dangerous to the average player and have cost me more money over the years than any other games.

There is no way you can put players on a hand. You can, of course, wait for premium hands and then sock it to them. But those hands can be few and far between.

The perfect game for me and for you should be one where there is little raising and the players are like docile sheep. 

If I can find a game where none of the players raise, that is perfect for me. You can make more money even on a lower limit game than you can on a higher limit game where the other players pound away with raises.

My recommendation is that you choose your games carefully. If you find yourself at a table where the other players hammer away at you with raises, simply ask for a table switch. It will pay off.

I was playing Omaha High-Low at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas. The games offered were $4-8 and $8-16. 

I found I could make more money in the $4-8 game because of the caliber of the players. The lower limit players are generally not nearly as aggressive as the higher limit players and that is a plus for any person who plays as I do. 

I want to be the only aggressive player at the table and you should make that your motto!

You can make a poker room your own personal ATM by shopping carefully for your games. Stay relaxed, have a good sense of humor, and be smartly aggressive

Learn to read the other players and you will consistently take home more money than you brought into the casino.

If you find yourself consistently losing at a certain game or limit, consider changing your game. It will perk up your play and bring your smile back. That is what the perfect game will do for any poker player.