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Crystal Casino (aka Crystal Park) is a smaller LA room with 37 tables, only are oriented toward poker.  Players can find limit hold'em and NL action, especially on nights and weekends, with little or no wait time.  In addition, there are daily tournaments at 7:00p and one table sit-n-go satellites Monday through Saturday from 2:00p-6:00p and Sundays from 2:00p-4:00p.  Buy-ins are $30+10 entry fee.


There's a main table games area with a raised VIP area, a separate poker area (the daily tournaments are held here) and a larger, separate tournament area where the night tournaments are held.

Players should note that the casino recently changed management and renovated the entire casino area and poker room.  There's new decor (muted warm red and yellow colors--no more pink and purple!), new tables and chairs and about 15 flat screen TVs scattered throughout the casino area.  It's a definite upgrade from the old deco look and feel.

Crystal Park offers the usual bar and food service (food is available at the tables) and a limited gift shop.

If you're a staff member or recent patron and would like to submit photos or other info for inclusion here, email us at [email protected].


Poker tables:2
Poker Open 24/7:Yes
Self parking:Yes
Casino sq/ft:100,000 sq/ft
Poker games available: Texas Hold'em
Hotels: LA Crystal Hotel
Rates: $150.00 - $200.00


Crystal Casino & Hotel
123 E Artesia Blvd, Compton, CA 90220, USA


Available 24/7 Yes
Phone (310) 661-4808
Website Website
Email Email

Hours of Operation

Open 24/7


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Guest Posted on August 1st, 2007
Impressions: Had a nice time. I would go more, but it's too far for me.
Atmosphere: Tables and chairs are not bad. No annoyances.
Dealers: Didn't have a problem; games ran smoothly.
Food: I can't comment because I didn't eat.
Service: 1/2 very short wait
Comps: Not certain; will update this later.

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+1 votes
Guest Posted on March 12th, 2007
Impressions: Really nice room. Very modern, lots of games and the wait was very short.
Atmosphere: It's very modern, great tables and chairs with auto shufflers at the cash tables.
Dealers: No complaints. The dealers were nice. Actually had one guy who I played with in Vegas at the Mirage. Really nice and funny guy.
Food: The food was really good. I had a great burger with swiss cheese. The fries were excellent.
Service: There were three of us and we all got seated at the same table within 30 minutes.

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Guest Posted on March 12th, 2007
A buddy and I headed over to the Crystal Park casino. We were supposed to play in a home game, but only 3 of us showed, so we decided to move the game over to a real room. I never played there before but my two friends like it so I went along for the ride.
We played in the $200 game with 1/2 blinds. Things started off great for me when I flopped trip 7's and a guy flopped a flush. Doesn't sound like I had the winning hand, does it? Well the board paired on the river and I stacked the guy. We didn't get all of our money in until I had the best of it on the river, so I didn't feel overly lucky. I would not allowed myself to get stacked with the flush on board unless I hit my boat.
So now I'm up to $400 after only 10 minutes and feeling pretty frisky. My two friends are pretty good players, but the other people all seemed fairly green. I opened things up a bit and called a raise from the button with T7 of hearts. The flop came with two hearts and the original raiser bet. I raised him with my draw and he called. I missed the turn and he checked so now I decided to bet. There was now $40 in the pot and I wanted him to go away so I bet $40. He pushed on me and it was pretty clear I was beat so I folded.
Things continued to get worse. I raised from mid position with JJ and got called by both blinds. The flop came with an A and they checked to me. There was 15 in the pot and I made it 15. They both called. Not good. The turn was a K so now there were two overcards. The SB bet 40, the BB called and I was done. Turns out that they both had me beat. One guy had KQ and the other guy had A9.
On the very next hand I get AA and bet $7. The button makes it $20. I decide to just call. The flop comes KT9 rainbow. I bet 40, the button pushesfor $100 more. I call and he turns over KK for a set.
The rest of the night was just boring. I was pretty much card dead. I ended up losing about $50, but came away fairly impressed with the room. It's very nice and modern, the food was good and the staff and dealers were professional. I would definitely play here again.

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