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Compiled by World Casino Directory Staff, Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2023

South America is not only a great land to travel and see the sights, but South America is home to an exciting lotto game scene as well. There are lotteries in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. The government usually regulates these lottery games in order to ensure fairness to the general public and a percentage of the profits generally go to community improvements in some way.

Argentinian lotto players have several lottery games to choose from for winning huge cash prizes. Qiuniela lottery game and lotto are quite popular in Argentina. Other lottery games offered in Argentina are El loto 6/41, Spiel, Numbers, Passive, Instants and the Sports Lottery.

Lottery players world wide are quite fond of the Mega-Sena lottery game, which can be found in Brazil. Instants, Passive, Sports Bets and Lotto are also lottery games offered to lottery players in Brazil by the Caixa Economica Federal. Almost half of the money generated by the sale of lottery tickets goes back to the lottery players in the form of cash prizes. The rest of the lottery games revenue is spent on costs and then spent on social programs.

In Bolivia lotto players are offered the Passive, Lotto and Numbers lotto games. Bolivia aims to funnel fifty percent of the profits from the lottery back into social programs.

In Chile, between the two lottery organizations that offer the lotto to players, the games Passive, Instants, Loto, Keno as well as sports bets can be found. Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru offer lottery games also.

Uruguay is an exciting country to play the lottery, offering lottery enthsiests such lotto games as the 5/36 Lotto, 5/44 Lotto, Quiniela, Tombola and Quico. Quiniela is a numbers lottery game, Tombola is a Keno lottery game and Quico is a Bingo/Drawing hybrid lotto game.

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