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The Bellagio 40-table, smoke-free poker room is one of the finest poker rooms in the world.  The service, game selection (mid-stakes and above), amenities, including 24-hour table-side dining, complimentary beverage service, 8 32-inch television monitors, 11 42-inch plasma TV screens, and more, and setting are all first-rate--there's a reason why most regular players consider the Bellagio their favorite place to play.  Unfortunately, because it's so popular, wait times can be a bit long even mid-week--it's not uncommon to wait up to an hour on weekends and evenings for some games.  That said, if you're a poker player, you need to put the Bellagio on your "must play" list when visiting Las Vegas. The poker room also includes two high-limit areas.

The room spreads a variety of games (mid-stakes and above), including stud and Omaha daily.  Note to novices:  the smallest limit game is $4/8 and lowest buy-in NL game is $200.  In addition, there are daily tournaments (2p; see the schedule under Items of Interest for more info) and two major WPT events each year (the Five Diamond Classic in December and the WPT World Championship in April).

Expect to find better players here.  There are tourists and recreational players, of course, but it's not uncommon to find 2-3 local pros at the juicier tables.  The biggest game in town takes place in Bobby's Room, a private room off to the back.  

The chairs, tables and other amenities are all high-end and the service is top-notch.  The dealers are all highly efficient and professional, the floor staff courteous and knowledgeable and the wait staff friendly and responsive.  There's a poker room rate, but you'll need to call ahead and play at least 6 hours to qualify.


Poker tables:40
Poker Open 24/7:Yes
Self parking:Yes
Casino sq/ft:100,000 sq/ft
Convention sq/ft:200,000 sq/ft
Poker games available: Limit Holdem , No Limit Holdem , 7 Card Stud , Pot Limit Omaha , Mixed Games
Hotels: Bellagio Las Vegas
Rates: $152.00 - $999.00


Bellagio Hotel and Casino
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA


Available 24/7 Yes
Phone (702) 693-7291
Website Website

Hours of Operation

Open 24/7
Poker Room


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Guest Posted on September 23rd, 2007
So.. went to Vegas for Rolling Stone’s 40th anniversary weekend bash and it was sick! Snoop Dog Friday night, 50 Cent and Kanye on Saturday night. It was amazing. But.. we are here talk poker…
I am at the 2/5 table for a while and the table sucks. There are only 2 – 5/10 tables and I am waiting to get there. The table I am at is pretty ABC and no one was really messing around. I stole lots of little pots when the action was checked to me, but nothing exciting. I finally get moved and add-on to the $1000 max.
I am up to $1130 and in late position. UTG+2 raises to $50, gets 1 caller and its folded around to me and I squeeze KK. I raise to $180 and then he re-raises me back for $200 on top. I have only been here for an orbit or two and he was def an action player, calling to see lots of flops and firing bets if checked to him. I go all-in and he insta calls and turns over AA.
SHIT! Just my freakin luck..
Flop comes…. K4K!! Ain't that a bitch! Flopped quads and doubled up. I have to admit that he took it very well (where I woulda shit my pants and gone nuts). He got moved to the main table and Tommy Vu sat down and the table went to shit.
He bet every hand big and there was nothing I could do, I had nothing. It didn’t matter, if there were 4-5 limps, he would make it $150. I raised to $60 with TT, he was the only caller. Flop came K85 and I bet $100. He makes it $300 (and has about $10K in cash ready to reload with), I think for a while and fold. He says he had the best hand, passes it to me to see and I look and he has Q5.
Thankfully I was moved to the main game and away from that maniac. Normally I would love to play with someone like that but wasn’t getting the cards to do so.
I got to the main game with $2200 and left with $3360. I had two major hands:
1. UTG+2 raised to $50, 2 callers and I called with 44. flop came T42, Check, Check and the guy to my right bets $120, I called and the other 2 folded. K on the turn, he checks. I am pretty sure that hit him by the way he checked. He was very thoughtful on every play he made and he checked very quickly. I bet $200 and he called. 7 on the river was great, no flushes and no straights. I am 100% sure I have the best hand, he can’t have KK he would have raised pre-flop. He could have TT, but again, I think he would have raised based on how I had seen him play. Add to that, he checks the river. I made a small value bet of $150 into a pot of $840, and he min raises me to $300. This gets me thinking and again I put him on AK. Also, after that bet he only has $300 left. So I think for about 2min, count out the $150 like I am going to call, then announce RAISE, throw in the $150, think for a few and say ALL IN. He actually folded AK face up and saved his last $300, even though the pot was over $1600.
2. Limped pot with 4 players. I have J9 and the flop comes 982. Checked around to me and I bet $40 into $40 pot. BB calls and the other 2 fold. (there are two clubs on the flop) The turn is the Jd, he checks and I bet $80, he thinks and just calls. He could have QT or 7T, plus sets to beat me. Thankfully the river is a 9 giving me 9’s full. He checks, I bet $200 into a pot of $280, and he says “missed your flush huh?” I don’t say a word and am keeping super still and holding my breath, hoping to give off a tell as if I am bluffing. He says “I really should raise you but just gonna call” and turns over 9T.
I played the Bellagio $540 daily earlier in the day, got no cards and busted out early.
Overall a great weekend, saw some great shows and won some $$$$. (including $1200 playing craps when a guy hit the Hard 10 and Hard 8 in back to back points and I had $40 on the hard way both times)
Playing the PS WCOOP $1050 tomm, $15K in chips and 30min levels. Wish me luck!

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Guest Posted on June 16th, 2007
Impressions: The room is very nice with nice tables and chairs and good dealers, but the wait to get a seat is way too long and the tables are too close together for my liking.
Atmosphere: As mentioned above, the tables are nice and the chairs are comfortable but the tables are too close together.
Dealers: The dealers were top notch.
Food: Drink service was better than average.
Service: The wait to get a seat is the longest I have experienced in Vegas.
Comps: Don't know, didn't ask.

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Guest Posted on April 20th, 2007
I’m pumped to play at the B. Before this trip I was intimidated by the place and had never even thought of playing there. Also, before this trip I had never made a poker profit without hitting a jackpot. But I’m up $522 at this point and think it’s time to test myself.
Well, if I really had wanted to test myself, I’d have tried 8-16, but I’m not that ballsy yet, so it’s 4-8 again. I come in with $160 and hover between that and $200 for the first couple hours. It’s a fun table and I’m wishing I didn’t have a flight to catch (but really who doesn’t wish that in Vegas?). Two hands I’m proud of, but maybe I shouldn’t be:
I get 33 on the button. Two limpers and no one’s raised, so I bop it up and get four callers. Flop’s like a 9 7 4 rainbow, and everyone checks to me. I have a pretty tight table image and decide to see what I can do with it, so I insta-bet. Everyone calls. Turn’s a K. Check-check-check-check to me, and I have my 8-stack fingered and ready to fire, but I very slowly check. River’s a 2 and it’s checkville to me; I confidently fire 8; everyone folds.
A little later, I raise UTG with 77. Everyone folds except the BB, who re-raises, and I call. Flop’s 8 8 3. He bets; I raise; he calls, and I think he has AK, or else he would’ve re-raised me. Turn’s a 3. He checks; I bet; he calls. River’s an A. Hmm. He checks. I think he wouldn’t check-raise on the river if he hit that, so maybe he has KQ, and I bet. Oops, he does check-raise. I deliberate and know that you shouldn’t fold on the river, but I tell him “you have ace king” and muck. He flips over A K and apologizes for staying in the hand that long.
I play another orbit and leave +$8, the eight chips that I saved by folding on that hand. We fly back to Chicago that afternoon.
Steve, your turn.
---end of report---
Summary: 8am on a Monday = no limit games at TI or Venetian. Green tea intimidation at Mirage 3-6 = +$30. Free prime rib lunch at Venetian = +++EV. Aggro-playing Larry Bird and river folding at Bellagio 4-8 = +$8.
Whole trip all gambling (poker, Butler bet, slots, BJ, craps, bowling, frolf) = +$530
Whole trip all poker = +$462
Whole trip all limit poker = +$627
Whole trip winnings - expenses = +$198.

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