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Part of Luxor Casino - Las Vegas

Luxor's top rated poker room is open every day and caters to players of all levels. Players will find Limit Hold-Em: $2 & $4, $3 & $6, $6 & $12 and No Limit Hold-Em: $1 & $2 Blinds, $1 & $3 Blinds and $2 & $5 Blinds. They are currently hosting 3 weekly freerolls for qualified players (6-8 hours of cash games), and offer bonus payouts for high hands.

Sit-N-Go's are available 24/7 for a $55 buy-in with 3,000 starting chips
50/100 starting blinds - blinds increase every 15 minutes - up to 40 players AND $125 buy-in, with 5,000 starting chips, 50/100 starting blinds - blinds increase every 20 minutes - up to 90 players.  The poker room also offers four daily tournaments at 10:30 am, 1 pm, 8:30 pm, and 11 pm. Details include: $45 buy-in - 5,000 starting chips - $5 Bonus Buy - 2,500 Chips - 25/50 starting blinds - blinds increase every 20 minutes.

The poker room is a semi-enclosed, no smoking room near the moving walkway to the Excalibur.  The room offers low-stakes gaming ($2/4, $4/8) and a $1/1/2 $50 max buy-in no limit game that's popular with NL novices and tight, aggressive locals.  There's no automated waitlist, and wait times can be long on busy nights and weekends.

The tables, chairs, and felt are average, nothing special but comfortable enough.  The room offers free poker lessons daily from 9a - 2p and a generous freeroll tournament for players who have ground out 15 hours of play time in the week.

*All cash games receive $2 per hour towards food comps. All limit cash games receive $3 per hour in food comps. Play 5 hours each day and receive the special Poker Rate when you check out.


Poker tables:11
Poker Open 24/7:Yes
Self parking:Yes
Casino sq/ft:120,000 sq/ft
Convention sq/ft:50,000 sq/ft
Poker games available: Limit Holdem , NL Holdem
Hotels: Luxor Las Vegas
Rates: $53.00 - $160.00


Luxor Casino - Las Vegas
3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA


Available 24/7 Yes
Phone 702-730-5511

Hours of Operation

Open 24/7


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Guest Posted on April 20th, 2007
I’ve got a little itch to play NL, seeing as I’m +$511 from limit at this point, so Alex, Ubaldo, & I sit down at the famous Luxor $50max game. I play two hands, go all-in on both, and lose both to Alex, who has top-pair-higher-kicker both times. Well there goes my NL experiment.
A 3-6 game is about to start, so I join it, and find out it’s this “tournament” Luxor has where anyone with 15 hours the previous week qualifies for the jackpot. Whenever someone wins a pot that’s at least $40, they get a ticket from the dealer, and after three hours, whoever has the most tickets wins $375. But other than that, it’s just a 3-6 cash game. Anyone heard of that before?
It’s all 15-hr locals at the table except for me, and I recognize one guy in a wheelchair right away, who’s been at Luxor every time I’ve played there (last June, October, December). His name’s Tulio and seems tight-aggressive, the only one at the table that way.
The game starts and I figure out after an orbit that if no one flops the nuts and the pot isn’t $40, they don’t care about it. It’s like it doesn’t count since it’s not a jackpot qualifier. So, I loosen up, but avoid playing against Tulio, get a little aggro, and turn-bluff three $20 pots, and not just heads-up or position bluffs; there are like three to six people in the hand, and position doesn’t matter.
Shortly after that, another familiar face sits down: Angry Black Woman. She’s still mute and angry like at MGM, but now is wearing a sparkly hat. I text Steve to come see who’s at my table. He joins a little while later. I win a big pot when my flush hits on the turn, then do nothing for an hour until I get AA and five callers, and it holds up. Next hand, JJ with four callers that holds up. Two hands later I hit two-pair with an A4 that I shouldn’t have even played post-flop, but eff it. I stand up +$154 from that table, happy to make up that lost hundo from NL.

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Guest Posted on January 23rd, 2007
Impressions: One of my favorite poker rooms. It is not fancy, with upscale furnishings, but very comfortable. Never seems to feel crowded, even when all tables are occupied. Highly recommended!
Atmosphere: The tables and chairs are comfortable, in good condition, it is smoke free, as are most Vegas rooms, and, if you get into a good, winning game, the room is beautiful. There is nothing that would annoy anyone here. It is well run.
Dealers: I have played here a few times, and have found the dealers to be quite good.
Food: Pretty gals here, and the service is quick and efficient.
Service: Management just does their job, arranging games and not creating any problems. I have been seated fairly quickly into games that I enjoyed, and that is all that I ask.
Comps: Daily jackpots for high hands are offered.

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