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Gambling Supplies
# of Items: 17
Find playing cards, blackjack and poker tables, poker chip cases, poker chips, and other home casino / gambling supplies here - host killer parties with our gear.
Gambling Vacations
# of Items: 0
In the future World Casino Directory will be adding gambling vacation packages to Las Vegas and other popular gambling destinations to our store for your gambling consumption!
Gambling Books
# of Items: 12
Gambling or Casino Books / CDs / Audio Cassettes can be found here. Gambling books are organized in categories.
Gambling Clothing
# of Items: 0
Looking for the proper casino clothing? Find t-shirts and other casino / gambling related clothing here.
# of Items: 83
Definetly contains some of our most popular prizes like the Apple iPod. Also find computers, cameras, and other popular electronic devices.
Gift Cards
# of Items: 6
Treat userself to $25 from some of the best stores around. Great for if you have few Casino Points you are just itching to spend.

Are you a casino shark? Winning points vs. Earning points
Anyone can earn points but you can also stalk the games and win real stuff by gambling in our casino!


You can earn WCD points easily and best of all - at no cost to you! Here are a few ways to get started. (Read the complete Gold FAQ here)

  • SIGNUP FREE! - Signing up is an easy way to get 100 points free. After you signup your bank account will automatically be credited.
  • POST MESSAGES - Posting messages in the forum will get you points! Earn 20 points for every thread you start and earn 10 points for every reply you make.
  • UPLOAD AVATAR - Avatar is the little picture beside your name that appears in the forum next to your posts. 150 points
  • CASINO PICTURES - Every casino picture you upload with approval from your regional manager yields 250 - 500 points.
  • CASINO REVIEWS - Every review you write (to specs) with approval from your regional manager yields 1000 -1500 points.
  • CASINO MISSIONS - Co-ordinate with your area manager (your area manager is in your profile) to go on a casino mission. The mission may vary in involvement and reward. Some rewards are up to 3000 points. Missions usually involve visiting local casinos and either photographing them or reviewing them in some way.
  • BECOME A MODERATOR - Help us run the forums by keeping posting in the right forums and categories and deleting SPAM. 1000 points after 60 probation period plus 100 bonus points per month if your post remain over 10 per month.
  • REGION MANAGER - Regional managers have a job. In addition to points, managers get a cash allowance every month of $100. They get a 5000 point bonus after the probation period. They also get 500 points per month if they keep their posts up over 10.

  • 60gb iPod (video) - 40,000pts
    30gb iPod (video) - 30,000pts

    4gb Nano - 20,000pts
    2gb Nano - 15,000pts

    Shuffle 1gb - 13,000pts
    Shuffle .5gb - 10,000pts

    h20 resist. / 3.2 mp / Bushnell

    Aluminum poker chip case

    Folding Poker Table

    Professional Poker Table

    2 sets / Poker Most Wanted & L.V.


    These prizes are given away FREE only. You gain points by any of the methods mentioned on the right. (Or read complete ways to get Casino Gold on the Casino Gold Information page. Once you have some earned some points you have the ability cash out for REAL prizes or you can wager your points in our free casino games with the hopes of WINNING even more points to redeem for the REAL big prizes!

    Where is the casino? You will find casino here: Free Casino Games

    Looking for a list of the prizes? visit the WCD Store

    In order to get started playing though you will need some points: take a look at the list (right) of ways to earn points to get started. Earn a few points, play some free casino games or just collect points and prizes. If you lose in the casino - nothing lost!! Just go out and participate some more in our programs and you'll have new points in no time!

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